Makerspaces for Creative Learning. A New Free-to-Access Online Course

Posted on June 15th 2021 in News | Share
Makerspaces for Creative Learning is a new free-to-access online course developed by Maker{Futures} in the School of Education at The University of Sheffield launching on 28th June 2021.

Aimed at schools, museums, libraries, and communities, the three-week course introduces learners to makerspaces for children and young people and delves into the importance of cultivating creative mindsets alongside scientific and engineering disciplines.

Makerspaces provide hands-on opportunities for students to design, experiment, build, and invent. They can help us develop the types of creative and problem-solving skills that will be vital for future employment and learning.

Professor Jackie Marsh and Dr Alison Buxton from the School of Education are joined by experts from Lego, V&A and Bay Area Museums, engineers, teachers and community makers to inspire and guide learners in developing ideas for building their own makerspace.