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Children can make lots of things at home using a range of everyday and scrap materials. Here are some fun activities that parents and carers can do with their children, which foster creativity and enhance their learning.

PDF Downloads

Disco Raisins
PDF Download | (1.97 MB)

Learn what happens to raisins when you put them in a fizzy drink.                                                      

Cardboard Guitar
PDF Download | (1.19 MB)

Use recycling household materials to design and make a cardboard guitar.                                                      

Spaghetti Bridge
PDF Download | (1.03 MB)

Make a structure using dry spaghetti pasta and strings.                                                                                                    

Peg Construction
PDF Download | (1.37 MB)

Make a tall structure with clothes pegs, lolly sticks or paper straws. How high can you go?

Be an Inventor
PDF Download | (582.19 KB)

Find a problem at home and design a solution for it like an inventor would!                                                  

Egg Drop
PDF Download | (636.13 KB)

Make a paper structure that keeps an egg safe from a 2m high fall.                                                  

PDF Download | (1.38 MB)

Build a board with pins to practice making geometrical shapes and words using rubber bands or string.

PDF Download | (1.26 MB)

Create and organise a scavenger hunt to learn about the difference between electrical and electronic devices.

High Flying Kites
PDF Download | (1.50 MB)

Design and create a kite with old carrier bags or bin liners.                                                      

Pendulum Clock
PDF Download | (1.40 MB)

Learn more about time by making a pendulum clock with basic household materials.

PDF Download | (1.64 MB)

Use recycling household materials to design and make a bot.                                                      

Digital Blockchains
PDF Download | (781.38 KB)

Make a paper chain with a sequential message to learn about digital blockchains.

Money Boats
PDF Download | (1.79 MB)

Make a boat that can float on water and safely hold a stash of coins.                                                      

Hanger Scale
PDF Download | (1.27 MB)

Make a scale and have fun weighing things around your home to see what is lighter or heavier.

Marble Run
PDF Download | (941.79 KB)

Build a marble run and challenge yourself to keep the marble going for 1 min before it hits the bottom.

News tower
PDF Download | (819.03 KB)

Make a free standing tower with only 6 newspaper pages!                        

Mud Building
PDF Download | (449.12 KB)

An idea on how to build a scale-size wall out of mud bricks.                                                                        

Balloon Car
PDF Download | (434.35 KB)

Use a balloon to power a car made of drinking straws and other simple materials.

Raft Races
PDF Download | (457.57 KB)

Ideas for making simple wind-powered rafts, which can be used for a race in your bathtub!

Watering Pipe System
PDF Download | (505.76 KB)

Use basic household materials to make a pipe system that water the plants in your garden.