Maker{Move}, Think like an Engineer!

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What is the project?
We are really excited to announce our new Maker{Move} project – Think like an Engineer!
With generous funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Ingenious fund, the project brings together innovative engineers from a broad and diverse range of engineering disciplines, with school children, families and communities in South Yorkshire.

It is important that young people know about the exciting opportunities to study and work in a range of sectors, including engineering. But a question we often get asked is “What exactly is engineering?” We want to support engineers and help them communicate to the general public, what it is exactly that they do!

Engineers commonly use a design process that involves thinking, developing ideas, making and testing and a big part of their work involves iteration and improving ideas and design. We think these are really important thinking routines that can be useful in other areas of life too. That is why our project will support children to develop this process to Think like an Engineer!

How the project will work in light of COVID-19
This project was planned and funded well before we were faced with a world of social distancing and partially open schools and originally our plan was to deliver workshops with our Maker{Move} mobile makerspace, packed full of high- tech resources including 3D printing, VR and robotics, as well as low- tech activities like woodworking, building your own bike and making circuits out of playdough!
Due to the current situation, though, our plans (as so it is of many) had to change and Maker{Futures} has been busy designing an alternative to school trips and external visitors.
The project will run until the end of June, allowing classes the flexibility to plan activities at times to suit them and each participating school will receive a Maker{Kit} (worth £180) and access to ten specially designed class activities, suitable for foundation stage to year 6.
At least three classes will need to participate in the project, but if schools wish, every class can be involved (equipment will need to be cleaned or quarantines between use by different classes). Activities are designed for teachers to run in class in a day (or two afternoons), but may be extended by teachers if they wish. Each class can choose to do one or more activity. Each has been co-designed with real engineers and include projects such as design and make paper plane launchers, eco-house design and making light-up wands. Specialist equipment and resources are provided in the kit, however schools may need to source additional extras such as cardboard, newspaper, glue and craft resources. Each participating class will have access to guidance and support via Google Classroom.

Experts and engineers will be available during the project to answer children’s questions and support the activities via optional online class meetings during the Summer Term and schools will be able to showcase their work at an online celebration event for the participating schools on 23rd June, during National Science Week. Classes will be able to join in the celebration event to see what other schools have been getting up to. 

Further details are available HERE.


Schools, Libraries & Community groups in South Yorkshire
Please, let us know if you are interested in joining the project and to see how you can be involved.
All schools are invited, but priority will be given to schools situated in the top 20% most deprived neighbourhoods or those with above 60% pupils from BAME backgrounds.