What is the project?
We are really excited to announce our new Maker{Move} project – Think like an Engineer!
With generous funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Ingenious fund, the project brings together innovative engineers from a broad and diverse range of engineering disciplines, with school children, families and communities in South Yorkshire, using our new mobile makerspace facility, Maker{Move}.

It is important that young people know about the exciting opportunities to study and work in a range of sectors, including engineering. But a question we often get asked is the word on the street is “What exactly is engineering?” We want to support engineers and help them communicate to the general public, what it is exactly that they do!

Our Maker{Move} mobile makerspace is packed full of high- tech resources including 3D printing, VR and robotics, as well as low- tech activities like woodworking, building your own bike and making circuits out of playdough! Engineers commonly use a design process that involves thinking, developing ideas, making and testing. A big part of engineering involves iteration and improving ideas and design. We think these are really important thinking routines that can be useful in other areas of life too. That is why our project will support children to develop this process to Think like an Engineer!

How the project will work in light of COVID-19
This project was planned and funded well before we were faced with a world of social distancing and partially open schools! So we have been working hard to adapt plans and we now have a dual scheme to allow us to be flexible in our approach to training engineers and engaging with school children and communities, depending on the current levels of social distancing required. Therefore, we can engage with volunteer engineers at a distance in the first instance, conducting our initial discussions and training online. Eventually our volunteer engineers will be able to engage in makerspace sessions when it is safe to do so; health and safety measures will be paramount.

Engineers – Get involved!
Are you an engineer or work in the engineering or digital sector based in South Yorkshire? You might be a postgraduate student, apprentice or at the forefront of groundbreaking research. We would love you to get involved!

What you will get from being involved:
Key dates
Schools, Libraries & Community groups in South Yorkshire
Are you interested in a visit from our Maker{Move} mobile makerspace? We have 25 free visits to plan between October and next June. We are keen to prioritise places where we can engage with the children currently most underrepresented in engineering, including girls, BAME communities and settings serving children in socially and economically deprived areas.
Please get in touch to see how you can be involved.