Volunteer FAQs

Q. How do I become a STEM ambassador?

A. Please start the process of registering to be a STEM Ambassador and applying for a DBS certificate as soon as possible because it may take a while for your DBS Certificate to come through. Take a look at the STEM Ambassador registration process.

  1. Register as a STEM Ambassador here and complete your STEM Ambassador profile. We would recommend that you use your University address when registering as a STEM Ambassador if it is different from your home address – this means that you will be registered with the North Midlands, South & East Yorkshire Hub and they can support you with any issues they may have when registering/completing DBS application.
    • Create a new account as a ‘STEM Ambassador Volunteer‘ on the STEM Learning digital platform.
    • Once you’ve created your account, log in and complete your profile, add a photo for your ID card, if you don’t have a photo before your DBS check comes back, you won’t receive an ID card.
    • If you have any problems updating your profile please report them to support@stem.org.uk
  1. Complete the online induction:
    • Log on to your STEM Ambassador profile
    • Access the online induction by clicking, edit profile and scrolling down to the link that says ‘begin induction’. Once completed register your online induction as complete on your STEM Ambassador profile and input the current date. 

Take a look at the STEM Ambassador handbook for more information.

Q. How do I get a DBS certificate?

A. To be a volunteer with the Maker{Futures} programme we require you to have a DBS certificate. Once you have registered as a STEM Ambassador and completed the online induction they will initiate a DBS application and you will receive an e-invite to complete your online DBS application.


Q. How do I record Maker{Futures} volunteering hours on the STEM Ambassador platform?

A. We have a step by step guide on how to record your volunteering hours on the STEM Ambassador platform. Please log all Maker{Futures} activities you support so you can be recognised for your volunteering hours through the STEM Ambassador programme.

Q. What volunteering events are coming up?

A. If you have completed our volunteer information form and attended an induction we will email you with details of upcoming events where we need volunteers. Just reply to the email to let us know if you are available. We will be in touch to confirm the times and address and we’ll send you a calendar invitation.

Q. How will I get to the schools and do you cover travel expenses?

A. You will need to organise your own transport. We can reimburse public transport costs and petrol (at 45p per mile), but not taxis. Please keep receipts, mileage details and/or tickets for your expenses claim form. For University of Sheffield students you can complete the student expenses claim form and submit to edufinance@sheffield.ac.uk.

Q. What happens when I arrive for a volunteering session?

A. You will be met at the school by the Maker{Futures} team who will explain the arrangements for the event.

Q. What do I need to bring on the day?

A. You will need to bring your DBS certificate, a face mask and a packed lunch.

Q. Can my friend volunteer with Maker{Futures}?

A. Yes! Please ask them to fill in our volunteer information form to put their name down for the next induction.